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Looking for an innovative and beautiful lighting solution? Contact Glowstone Lighting to set up a consultation for our energy efficient RGB LED lighting. These lights are bright, colourful and installed by trained professionals. Glowstone lighting is perfect for everyday Landscape lighting or an added touch to a special occasion or holiday.


Transform the look of your local business or retail location with RGB LED lights from Glowstone Lighting. Our state-of- the-art lighting solutions create a marvelous display. We can design and install an energy efficient lighting system that creates a warm restaurant/bistro feel but can also be used to create a unique atmosphere for any special event or holiday celebration.

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Glowstone Lighting installed RGB LED systems that can be used year round to aluminate features in your yard. Glowstone designs, supplies & installs energy efficient lighting that looks great and lasts for years. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to improve the appeal of your home or business contact Glowstone lighting to set up a consultation today.


Glowstone lighting is a full-service contractor. We can handle installation, repair, and maintenance of your permanent lighting displays. If you are using our energy efficient RGB LED lighting for your landscaping, exterior lighting or for seasonal decoration, contact us to help improve the functionality and longevity of your lighting.

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