RGB Lighting

Looking to be the envy of your block? Then RGB lighting is just for you. With Glowstone RGB Lighting you will be the talk of your street, and the beacon of class in your neighbour. With RGB lighting you can change the exterior look of your home with our innovative RGB lighting technology with over 16 million different colour schemes. If you are looking to really make your home “pop” then our lighting systems are just for you.

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Residential RGB Lighting

Residential RGB LED lighting is perfect for anyone who really wants to showcase their home. Perfect for any season our RGB LED lighting system will make your home look stunning. Our RGB lighting tracks are placed on the soffits and fascia of your home. For residential homes, installation only takes 1-2 days meaning that your home can be suited up in no time. Be the talk of your street with Glowstone residential RGB lighting and have revolutionary RGB Christmas Lights on your home exterior!

Commercial RGB Lighting

Glowstone’s commercial RGB LED lighting gives any business that extra flair that drives customers to your store. With its abundance of colour schemes, our commercial lighting is perfect for any season. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall with over 16 million different options to choose from where sure you’ll find something that suits your business. If you’re looking to make your store stand out then contact Glowstone Lighting for a consultation today. We can provide expert commercial RGB LED maintenance, design and RGB lighting installation services.

RGB Lighting
RGB Lighting

RGB Lighting Efficiency

Glowstone’s RGB lights are powered by LED Lights, which is one of today’s most energy efficient light technologies on the market. This means that Glowstone’s RGB Lights will works for up to 80,000 hours compared to other outside lighting fixtures that last only between 2,000-6,000 hours. When it comes to energy efficiency Glowstone’s RGB lights use a 1/3 of the electricity of fluorescent lighting and 1/30 of regular light bulbs.

RGB Longevity

The Longevity of Glowstone RGB lights is up to 80,000 hours, due to the fact that they use LED technology. This essentially means that if you wanted to you could have your RGB light running for just over 9 years straight! Now we know that no one is going to run their lights for 9 years, but this shows that your lights will last a long time. So if you’re looking for lights that are going to last throughout the years contact Glowstone Lighting for a consultation.

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