RGB Lighting Installation

RGB LED lighting Installation is available for a number of different uses and can be utilised in a variety of ways. RGB LED lighting has revolutionised the lighting market especially in regards to holiday & Christmas lights becoming an instrumental tool for lighting designers. There are two types of strips, colour change (RGB) and sole colours. Though they are mostly used to illuminate offices and homes, they can also be used as decorative lighting and design. At Glowstone we supply and install custom lighting solutions in Calgary & surrounding areas, RGB lighting is a great alternative for exterior lighting, decorative lighting & permanent lighting.

RGB Lighting Installation

RGB Lighting

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue, which are the three colours that set as the foundation for RGB LED lighting. The LED’s on the strip light merge these three colours to essentially create nearly every colour spectrum of light. This provides a consumer with a nearly limitless range of colour, including standing colours and interchangeable colour sequences. Glowstone, RGB LED Lighting Installations come prepared with a remote controller or smartphone application which allow our customers to transform their strip lighting. You can set your RGB lighting system to be any array of colours and patterns.

Professional RGB Lighting Installation

For best results and a long-lasting LED lighting system hire a professional RGB lighting contractor to handle the lighting installation. The first step for the correct Lighting Installation is to decide a suitable supply voltage. Strips are frequently available at 12 Volts supply voltage and these models are optional for small installation lengths, i.e. in caravans or cars where the battery is 12 Volts. For lighting up the longer sprint for building decorations it is suggested to use 24 Volts to avoid the voltage drop that will cause the brightness to fall. Even if you chose the right LED strip, the lights can have a low brightness due to the voltage drop.

RGB Lighting Installation
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Quality RGB Lighting Installation

Good quality LED strips have extended working time without ongoing troubles. A wrong collection of a PSU or a voltage drop due to thin cables or long cable could shorten the life of the LEDs. If you want proper installation of LED RGB strip lighting work with a professional, there are numerous lighting options available for home and business owners and a contractor can ensure you get the right lights for your property. For quality RGB lighting installation contacts Glowstone Lighting for a consultation.

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