RGB Christmas Lighting

If you’re someone who is tired of paying contractors to come set up your Christmas lights year-after-year, then Glowstone lighting is just for you. With Glowstone’s permanent RGB Christmas lighting you’ll never have to pay another contractor to supply and install your holiday lights. Our RGB Christmas lighting system only takes a single install and your Christmas Lights will be installed and ready to run every year.

rgb lighting yellow

What is RGB Christmas Lighting?

Glowstone’s Christmas light’s are a high-end RGB light that you can have on the exterior of your home year round. Glowstone’s Christmas lights are RGB Track lights that run along the soffits and fascias of your home, exactly where you would install your Christmas lights. Contact Glowstone Lighting today to set up a consultation!

Variations of RGB Christmas Lighting

With Glowstone’s RGB Christmas light your have an endless amount of colour variations to choose from. RGB lights use LED light technologies and red, green blue, colour patterns which allow the lights to illuminate over 16 million different colour schemes. The variations are truly only limited by your imagination, and are easily able to be changed through your smart phone.

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Control your Christmas Lighting with your Phone!

Glowstone’s RGB Christmas lights incorporate state-of-the-art technology that allows you to change the colour of your Christmas lights with your smartphone. We install a revolutionary lighting system that provides a home and business owner added variation and convenience simply though the Magic Colour App. Once the RGB tracks are installed one of our technicians will install the app on your phone and give you a run down on how the app works. Now you will be able to choose from over 16 million different colour schemes with a click of your phone.

RGB Christmas Lighting Installation

Glowstone’s RGB Christmas lights will be installed by our sister company Rhino Exteriors. Depending one the size of your home the installation process will only take a day. Our technicians will install the RGB track lighting along the soffits and fascias of your home.

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