Permanent Lighting

If you’re someone who is tired of setting up your lighting system, then Glowstone RGB lighting is for you. Permanent lighting is simple due to the fact that you only have to set it up once. With permanent lighting making the choice to have them on or off is up to you with no setup. Perfect for businesses that are staying open longer over the holiday seasons. Let’s add some value to your home you can enjoy every day. Contact Glowstone Lighting today for your RGB LED lighting system.

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Permanent Lighting Installation

Glowstone lighting is here to make your lighting installation fast and easy. All of our lighting installations are performed by our sister company Rhino Exteriors, which has over 10 years of exterior work expertise.  All of our projects have a 2-year full replacement warranty and lifetime service guarantee. Depending on the size of your house installation of your Glowstone lights can be completed on average within 1-2 days.

Custom Permanent Lighting

At Glowstone we are here to make your home and business look perfect with our custom RGB LED lighting systems. Our installers are here to make sure that our RGB lighting system is tailored to your exact specifications. Our custom lighting adds a unique look to your business of home and something you can be truly proud of when showcasing your business or home.

Permanent Lighting

Residential Permanent Lighting

Having to pay someone to come set up your decorative lighting season after season can put a dent in your wallet. With Glowstone’s residential lighting you will no longer have to pay another contractor again. With one installation you can have a beautiful lighting system year round. With over 16 million colure options to choose from finding something that right for you is as easy as a push of a button.

Commercial Permanent Lighting

With Glowstone’s commercial lighting you’ll be able to change the colour design of your business with your smartphone. Perfect for all the different seasons throughout the year. Whether its winter, spring, summer or fall we are sure that you’ll find a colour scheme that works for your specific business.

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