Is GlowStone For You?

Do you hate putting up and taking down seasonal lights each year?

Our lights are a permanent solution so you won’t be taking them down.

Would you like to change the color of your lights whenever you felt like it?

The color of your lights can be controlled by a wireless remote or an app on your phone.

Have you ever thought about lighting your home for additional occassions like, Valentine’s Day, St.Pattys day or any other day?

Well with these 365 lights you can do just that, Red for Valentines and Green for St.Pattys day or light up your home when your favorite team is playing.

Would you like to keep your lights up but hate the look of the forgotten Christmas lights?

These lights are installed with a continuous track and are concealed in that track and are under mounted so they won’t be seen until you want them to.

Are you a hands-on, do-it-yourself kind of person?

These lights aren’t for you. Installation is done by our professionals.

Are you looking to save money on holiday lights by switcing to energy efficent lighting?

Our system is designed to be used for much more than the holidays. The energy efficiency provides tremendous value for the use you’ll be getting out of them but these top-grade lights are an investment for years to come.

Are you renting the house you live in?

I’m sure your Landlord will be glad they are keeping them, and they may even thank you for increasing the value of the home, but these lights are permanent and they won’t be moving when you do.


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